Startup Guide Berlin Vol.2 – Taken aback by the infamous entrepreneurial spirit in Berlin


The Startup Guide is a book that guides through the ecosystems of the cities Berlin, Aarhus and Copenhagen. Founder Sissel Hansen already shared her own startup story and challenges in this article. As the first edition of Startup Guide Berlin was a huge success, the 2. edition had to be created. Louise Pri is the project leader of Startup Guide Berlin Vol. 2 and sharing the story of creating the 2. edition of the successful Startup Guide Berlin here:

Presenting startups & founders, who want to create a better world

Leading the development and creation of the second edition of Startup Guide Berlin has been a really fun and inspiring project. I was thrilled to be asked to take on the project and knew that I was going to be taken aback by the infamous entrepreneurial spirit in Berlin.

From the get go we wanted to present a wide range of industries and fields, and I’m happy to say, that we succeeded in covering a very diverse group startups – working within transport, health, refugee support, education, furniture, music, food, publishing, banking, IoT (Internet of things) and so much more.

As the project leader and curator of the content, I also found it really important to present startups and founders, who not only are revolutionizing their field, but who also want to make a difference and have a social impact; who are working for the greater good to improve the lives of others and, well, to create a better world for all of us.

Louise Pri, project manager of Startup Guide Berlin Vol. 2

Success Stories of Fempreneurs in Berlin Startup Guide Vol. 2

Meeting and covering that kind of passionate entrepreneurship has been truly awe-inspiring and in Startup Guide Berlin Vol. 2 we are featuring many of such great entrepreneurs – female and male alike.

Among the featured female founders is Ida Tin, who is behind Clue – a first of its kind smartphone app, which helps women track their monthly cycles and reproductive health.

Milena Glimbovski is another founder, who wanted not to add something to the world, but take something away: food packaging. With this idea, she opened the supermarket Original Unverpackt that does away with wrapped goods and sells most of its products in bulk – highlighting the fact that packaging is not free and has an impact.

Straight magazine was founded by Felicia Mutterer and Jasmin Acar and is a publication featuring short and long stories about Lesbian life.

Startup Stories in Startup Guide Berlin Vol. 2 (Source: Facebook)

Pursuing passion & finding the right kind of people

These are great examples of how entrepreneurs have pursued their passion; spotted a genuine need and a business potential, and have transformed an existing sector or dared to develop a niche market.

And they’ve succeeded in attracting the right kind of people, collaborators and investments – through hard work, with money out of their own pockets, but also with the help of crowdfunding campaigns, VC’s and scholarships, and (I’d like to think) because the focus has been on solving real issues and creating value.

We hope that the startup stories in Startup Guide Berlin Vol. 2 will spark the inspiration and entrepreneurial spirit of its readers – that’s at least what we have aimed for and what we have experienced!

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Louise Pri

Louise Pri is the project manager of the Startup Guide Berlin Vol. 2. She is leading the team and managing the project from start to end. Louise is passionate about entrepreneurship, startups and business development as well as sustainablity and value-creation. More about Startup Guide:

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